5 Tips Before Getting A Puppy

Do you want to come home to a lovable fluff muffin every day? Someone who will be excited every single time you walk through the door? Honestly, who wouldn’t? A puppy is one of the sweetest, most adorable additions to any family. Before you step into the world of puppydom, let’s go over a few quick tips and guidelines.


Number one tip before getting any kind of new pet: do you have allergies? It is best to stay away from getting a new puppy if you have dog allergies, especially if they are severe. Some allergies are manageable with medications. The good thing is that there are certain breeds that are hypoallergenic.

Available Space

Unfortunately puppies don’t stay small forever ― unless you get a small dog ― and you will need to be aware of the space needed for a pet. Puppies need lots of room to romp around and play, especially bigger dogs like Great Danes. If you don’t have the space available, but still have the desire for a puppy, that’s okay! Talking your pup on lots of walks and play dates works too. Just remember to make time for bathroom breaks throughout the day.
Many owners choose to crate their dogs during work hours. It is a great way to avoid mess.

Work Schedule

New puppies need constant attention just like babies. Is your work schedule flexible to visit your puppy throughout the day, or bring it to work? If not, maybe a friend or partner can help with caring for your puppy.

Breed Choice

One of the most fun things about getting a new puppy is deciding on a dog breed. Before you decide, take into consideration work schedule, ability to exercise, desired attention level, etc. Each breed has specific temperaments and qualities. If you need help choosing, American Kennel Club has a wonderful online quiz for you.


If you aren’t looking for a purebred puppy, animal shelters are great places to find pets who need loving homes. Purebreds are more rare, but mixed breeds can be some of the absolute cutest and spunkiest pups. Give that precious fur-ball the home it deserves.