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Planning a trip or a well-deserved vacation, but concerned about leaving your beloved pet behind? No need to worry! Step into the world of exceptional pet care with Barking Trails in Bethesda, where every wag of the tail and purr of contentment is celebrated. 

Our passion for pets drives us to deliver unparalleled service, ensuring your pets receive the love and attention they deserve. 

We offer customized services that include all your pet’s needs, from daily walks in Bethesda’s beautiful neighborhoods to cozy cuddles and overnight stays. You can trust our expertise and commitment as we embark on this journey together, creating unforgettable experiences for you and your beloved pets in the heart of Bethesda.

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Explore the exceptional services for dog walking, pet sitting, and in-home boarding to ensure
the happiness and well-being of your beloved furry companion.

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Pet Care Solutions According to Bethesda Residents

Daily Dog Walks and Dog Care

Experience peace of mind knowing your furry friend is in good hands with our daily dog walking and care services in Bethesda. Our professional dog walkers provide medication administration, feeding, and personalized attention to keep your canine companion happy and healthy.

Optimal Care for Your Cat in Bethesda

Give your feline friend the royal treatment with our cat sitting services in Bethesda. Whether it’s a quick visit for feeding and litter box cleaning or extended care with playtime and cuddles, our cat sitters ensure your cat feels pampered and content.

Secure and Professional Overnight Pet Sitting

Leave town with confidence knowing your pets are in safe hands with our overnight pet sitting services in Bethesda. Our trained and trustworthy pet sitters provide round-the-clock care, ensuring your pets feel secure and loved in the comfort of their own home.

Daily Pet Visits with the Option for Pet Sitting

Keep your pets happy and comfortable with our daily pet visits and sitting options in Bethesda. Whether it’s a quick check-in or extended care, our dog and cat sitters offer personalized attention to meet your pet’s specific needs.

Enjoy a Fun-Filled Session Together

Indulge your pet’s playful side with our dog walker and dog sitter services in Bethesda. From invigorating walks to stimulating play sessions, our experienced caregivers ensure your dog stays active, happy, and engaged.

Dog Care with Boarder in Bethesda

For extended stays or overnight accommodations, trust our dog boarding service in Bethesda to provide a safe and comfortable home-away-from-home for your furry friend. With spacious accommodations, supervised playtime, and personalized care, your dog will enjoy a vacation of their own while you’re away.

Pricing Option For Our Services

Dog Walker Rates
In Bethesda
  • 15 Min Walks: $16
  • 30 Min Walks: $22
  • 45 Min Walks: $28
  • 60 Min Walks: $34
  • Extra Dog Fee: $6 Per Dog
Pet Sitter Rates
In Bethesda
  • Dog Visit: $16 per Visit
  • Overnight Dog Sitting: $45 per night
  • Cat 15-Minute Visit: $15
  • Cat 30-Minute Visit: $20
  • Extra Pet for Care: $6
Dog Boarding Rates
In Bethesda
  • Dog Daycare: $70 per day
  • Additional Dog Cost: $30 per Dog

Why Choose Dog Walker, and Pet Sitter With Barking Trails?

Expertise Tailored to Bethesda

We brings years of expertise in pet care, tailored specifically to meet the needs of Bethesda residents. Our team understands the local community and its unique pet care requirements, ensuring personalized service and attention for every furry friend.

Reliable and Professional Care

Choose Barking Trails for reliable and professional pet care services in Bethesda. Our dedicated team of dog walkers and pet sitters are trained, vetted, and committed to providing top-notch care for your pets, giving you peace of mind while you’re away.

Convenient Booking Process

Trust us for a convenient booking process in Bethesda. With our intuitive online platform and responsive customer support, scheduling pet care services has never been easier. Enjoy peace of mind knowing your pet’s needs are just a click away.

Meet Our Experienced Team of Dog Walkers, Pet Sitters, and Dog Boarders in Bethesda

At Barking Trails, we’re proud to introduce our experienced team of pet care professionals in Bethesda. With a deep love for animals and a commitment to excellence, our team members are dedicated to providing the best possible care for your furry companions.

Experienced Dog Walker in Bethesda

Meet our skilled dog walkers in Bethesda, who are passionate about providing engaging walks and exercise for your canine companions. With a keen understanding of dog behavior and a love for animals, our dog walkers ensure that each walk is enjoyable and beneficial for your pet.

Trusted Pet Sitter in Bethesda

Our reliable pet sitters in Bethesda offer personalized care and companionship for your pets while you’re away. From feeding and playtime to cuddles and attention, our pet sitters provide a safe and loving environment for your furry family.

Exceptional Dog Boarding Service in Bethesda

When you need overnight care for your dog, rely on our top-notch dog boarding service in Bethesda. Our caring dog boarders offer a cozy and loving atmosphere for your furry friend, ensuring they feel right at home while you’re away.

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    Barking Trails in Bethesda, MD


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    Famous Places for Dog Walkers
    in Bethesda

    Cabin John Regional Park
    Cabin John Regional Park
    Norwood Local Park
    Norwood Local Park
    Wheaton Regional Park
    Wheaton Regional Park
    Battery Lane Urban Park
    Battery Lane Urban Park
    Maplewood-Alta Vista Local Park
    Maplewood-Alta Vista Local Park
    Little Falls Stream Valley Park
    Little Falls Stream Valley Park
    Avenel Local Park
    Avenel Local Park

    Reviews By Pet Owners

    Really happy with our dog walker from Barking Trails- we’ve been using him almost every day and our pups love him!
    Kat M
    Adam is great with our dogs! He's here everyday to take them on a walk, rain or shine! I can tell he's dedicated to caring for our pets and our boys love him!
    Allyson H
    Professional, reliable and I can tell they enjoy what they do. We needed a dog walker in the mornings as I recover from foot surgery. We are now on our second week, and my Beau looks forward to his walks with Ana. Thank you.
    Odette O
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