Must Love Dogs

Yes, the name of this post is copied from the truly terrible rom-com Must Love Dogs starring a young Diane Lane and John Cusack. Critics say the film “… was like eating candy Pop Rocks—there’s a bit of fizz, but it leaves no lasting impression…” and received a whopping 35% on Rotten Tomatoes. While I happen to agree with this review, one of the main ideas will remain important to me with an almost jawbreaker-esque longevity.

You. Must. Love. Dogs.

They’re quite literally some of the best people I’ve ever met. Nothing is better than coming home after a long day to smiling dog face. And yes, they’re a lot of work. And yes, sometimes you don’t want to walk them at 6:00AM. And yes, they’re basically just poop machines. But you love them nonetheless because they love you, no questions asked.

My parents have two large golden retrievers whom I just dogsat for and I love to the moon and back, but they’re an absolute nightmare to walk down the streets of San Francisco. Tanner (the larger of the two) is always at the end of his leash pulling me either up or down the large hills, and Kai (the lazier of the two) will walk right beside me, until he decides that the step he has just taken, is his last. When these pups ultimately choose the exact same moment to exhibit their stubborn behaviors, I end up arms spread, stuck in one place on the sidewalk–usually to the amusement of tourists or people eating in the restaurants we pass.

So it’s hard for me to comprehend the people who don’t love dogs. It’s understandable to be a little cautious around them especially if you don’t know their disposition. However, to outright dislike dogs doesn’t make any sense. One might argue, what about a traumatic incident with a dog? Well, my little sister was bitten across the face by a dog when she was 5 and required reconstructive surgery, and yet she’s still the one most likely to stick her own face in a dog’s face.

But I get it. Everyone doesn’t love every dog, and that’s okay–and even if you’re not smitten with them, you can still love dogs… just from a distance.

Here is an homage to my favorite dogs throughout the years!


The ever energetic dog we’ve watched grow from a rambunctious puppy, to rambunctious adult, to a “seriously you’re still rambunctious” older dog. Aloof as always, but always ready for a snuggle or a walk.


The sweetheart foster dog we’ve loved for 2 years. If your lap is free, his head is in it. If your napkin is exposed, he’s snatched it. And if you come through the door, he will bring you whatever he can find, sock, egg carton, tissue, you name it.


The newest addition to our Golden clan. My little sister’s puppy and one of the sweetest little stinkers around. Good natured and always down to play or snuggle or both.


Our first dog addition to the family who passed away when I was a Junior in High School. Sweet, lazy and a wonderful dog, she put up with 3 teenagers and a whole lot of attitude, but was never anything but loving in return.

Thanks for reading! Have a favorite story about your pups?