Safe Weather Conditions for Walking

The 5-second rule goes for dog walking as well. Place the back of your hand on the pavement for 5 seconds. It will be too hot for your dog’s paws if it’s too hot for you. Generally, the idea is to keep dogs indoors or in air-conditioned rooms when it’s close to 100 degrees outside. For colder weather, it’s best to stay below 40 degrees. Never take a dog out at 0 degrees.

This information can be swayed a little by a dog’s size. Larger dogs can endure more intense temperatures, but small dogs cannot. When the temp drops to 40 and below, small dogs should only be taken out for 15 minutes or less. Dog sweaters and booties are great ways to warm your pet in colder weather. If you want advice on temperature drops, Mental Floss has a beautiful chart for Fahrenheit and Celsius temperatures concerning dog walking. Remember, some breeds, like huskies or malamutes, can take the colder weather temps.

When you think about your dog’s safety, you want only the best for your pet. With these tips, you will have a happy and thriving pooch. Also, consider that every dog is different and has unique needs or allergies. You and your vet will be able to access your dog’s needs. If there is an emergency, contact the closest animal hospital or vet in town.