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Barking Trails is your trusted partner for professional dog walking services. We understand the importance of keeping your furry companion happy and healthy, which is why we offer a personalized approach to your dog’s care. Life can be unpredictable so we’ve got you covered with a dedicated team of dog walkers ready to step in when you’re away.

Our services start with a personalized meet and greet session, where we take the time to understand your pet’s unique needs and your expectations for every visit. Whether your dog needs a quick let-out or an extended walk, our experienced team is here to meet their individual needs.

Our Dog Walking Service Includes​

At Barking Trails, we ensure you stay informed about your pet’s activities and well-being with regular updates. Our mission is to make every walk a joyful adventure for your pet and a worry-free experience for you.

How to Book a Dog Walker With Barking Trails?

Booking a dog walker with Barking Trails is easy and hassle-free. Follow these simple steps to ensure your dog receives top-notch care.

Areas We Serve

Barking Trails offers dog walking services to Montgomery, Prince George’s, Anne Arundel, and Frederick counties
in Maryland, Arlington and Fairfax counties in Virginia, and all of Washington, DC.







Washington DC

Washington DC

Find a Reliable Local Dog Walker in Your Neighborhood with Barking Trails!

Benefits of Our Premier Dog Walking Service

Discover the exceptional benefits of our premier Dog walking service beyond regular exercise and walks. We prioritize personalized attention and regular exercise to keep your pet healthy and happy.

  • Convenience: We handle medication, feeding, and mail collection.
  • Peace of Mind: Regular updates ensure your pet’s well-being.
  • Exercise: Engaging visits keep them active and healthy.
  • Treats & Water: Enjoy treats, water refills, and playtime.

Discover the Perfect Dog Walking Rates for Your Pet

At Barking Trails, we provide competitive dog walking rates designed to suit your dog’s needs and your schedule. Regular walks are crucial for your dog’s fitness, health, and happiness, helping to maintain a consistent routine.

Our Dog Walking Rates

Our transparent pricing ensures you know exactly what to expect, offering options from quick 15-minute walks to extended 60-minute adventures. Whether your dog needs a brief bathroom break or a longer stroll, we have the perfect service to meet their needs.

Ready to give your furry friend the exercise and attention they deserve? Book a dog walk today and experience the difference with Barking Trails.

Safety is Our Priority

At Barking Trails, safety is our top priority in delivering professional dog walking services. We know how important it is to trust your furry family member with reliable and trustworthy individuals. That’s why we go above and beyond to ensure our dog walkers are highly qualified and thoroughly vetted.

Selection Process For
Professional Dog Walkers

Our professional dog walkers undergo a rigorous selection process.

  • Mandatory Background Checks: All our dog walkers undergo comprehensive background checks to ensure they meet our safety standards.
  • Thorough Interview Process: Each potential dog walker goes through a detailed interview process to assess their experience, reliability, and dedication.
  • Verification of Personal Information: We collect and verify essential personal information from our dog walkers to ensure transparency and accountability.

Comprehensive Safety Measures
for Every Dog Walk

Our team is committed to the safety and joy of your pets.

  • Leash Safety: Our walkers rigorously follow leash safety protocols to prevent mishaps and maintain control throughout the walk.
  • Quiet Routes: We meticulously plan walking routes that steer clear of busy streets, ensuring a safer and more peaceful environment for your pet.
  • Communication: We prioritize clear and timely communication, keeping you updated and informed about your pet’s care.

Rest assured that when you choose Barking Trails, you’re choosing a team dedicated to the safety and happiness of your beloved pets.

Trusted Dog Walking Service Approved By Dog Owners

If you want a reliable, responsive, and high quality service for your dog, Barking Trails is it! Unlike many other dog walking services where there's a revolving door of strangers coming into the house, with Barking Trails, the dog gets assigned to the same walker in which I love! You get to know who the walker is and your dog gets to really bond with them. Adam is amazing! He's very professional and really loves and cares for all the dogs. I would recommend Barking Trails to everyone! The best dogwalking/petsitting service in the DMV!
Thuy Thach
I LOVE this company and my dog walker!! I am at work for several hours during the day and it is so convenient to have someone come walk my dog everyday for me when I’m away. Barking trails is extremely professional and the walkers are flexible and friendly. I met my walker ahead of time which I really liked so that I could get to know who would be with my dog on a regular basis. It’s great having a dog walking company I can rely on and I would highly recommend them to anyone.
Catherine Leach
Barking Trails is terrific. We used them for daily dog walking for a long time with our puppy. They were responsive and didn't miss a beat even when our regular dog walker had to take a break. They were terrific to work with and we will use them again whenever we have a need. Can't say enough about how great Tristan and his team are to work with.
Sarah Gulla

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Dog walking is an excellent exercise for dogs. It helps maintain their physical health, manages weight, strengthens muscles, and provides mental stimulation.

Yes, it’s generally OK to walk your Dog every day, provided the length and intensity of the walk match your Dog’s breed, age, and health condition.

The ideal length of a walk for a dog depends on factors like breed, age, and health. Generally, 30 minutes to an hour of walking per day is sufficient for most dogs.

A 2-hour walk can be too long for certain dogs, especially those that are older, have health issues, or are not used to long walks. It’s essential to consider your Dog’s endurance and physical condition.

Dogs generally benefit from more than one walk a day, but one good walk a day can suffice for some dogs, especially if supplemented with playtime and mental stimulation at home.

The number of calories burned during a 30-minute dog walk varies based on factors like the Dog’s size and the pace of the walk.

Dog walking rates can vary by location. At Barking Trails, our rates for a 30-minute walk start at $22. Rates for longer walks or additional dogs may vary.

At Barking Trails, we charge $22 for a 30-minute dog walk. We offer flexible options for different durations to suit your pet’s needs.

Are you interested in becoming a dog walker with Barking Trails? Visit Become a Pet Sitter to apply and join our dedicated team of pet care professionals.

Finding a dog walker is easy with Barking Trails. Simply explore our range of services online, choose the one that fits your needs, and book directly through our user-friendly platform.

At Barking Trails, we carefully vet and train our professional dog walkers. Each walker undergoes a background check, interview process, and training to ensure your pet receives reliable and safe care.

The best type of walk for your Dog depends on factors like breed, age, health, and energy level. Our experienced team can guide you in selecting the ideal walk duration and intensity for your furry friend.

Yes, Barking Trails accepts online payments for our services. You can conveniently pay through our secure online platform, ensuring a hassle-free experience for our clients.

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