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Discover exceptional pet care services for your beloved furry companion in Silver Spring at Barking Trails. Our dedicated team understands the importance of keeping your pets happy and healthy, offering various visit options to ensure their well-being.

Choose from our services, dog walking, Dog sitting, cat care, and dog boarding. We offer various services at affordable prices for your convenience in Silver Spring. Additionally, we happily accommodate extra pets for a small fee, ensuring that every furry family member receives the required attention.

If you live in Silver Spring, Takoma Park, Petworth, or Brookland, our local experts are here to provide peace of mind and top-notch care for your beloved pets. Let us handle the details while you enjoy the confidence of knowing your pets are in capable hands.

Our Services

Explore the exceptional dog walking, pet sitting, and in-home boarding services
to keep your furry friend happy and healthy.

Dog Walking

Dog Sitting
Dog Boarding
Cat Sitting

Barking Trails in Silver Spring, MD


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Quality Care With Service We Offer

Daily Walks

Give your furry friend a chance to stretch their legs and explore the neighbourhood. Our dog walking service also helps dogs breathe fresh air in Silver Spring Parks. Our skilled dog walkers will ensure your companion gets the necessary exercise and mental stimulation to remain joyful and healthy.

Cat Care

We provide customized cat sitting services for your cats to ensure they are happy and well taken care of while you’re not around. Our cat sitters will attend to all your cat’s needs, including feeding, cleaning the litter box, playing, and providing companionship.

Overnight Pet Sitting

When you need to be away overnight, Count on our skilled pet sitters to give your pets 24/7 care at home. They’ll feed, walk, and keep your pets company to ensure they’re happy and safe.

In-home Pet Sitter Option

Our at-home pet sitting service offers the benefits of having a pet sitter around for companionship while ensuring the security of having someone in your house. Our pet sitters provide personalized care for both dogs and cats.

Play Session With Your Pet

Keep your pet entertained and engaged with our play sessions. Our dog walkers and pet sitters will ensure your pet gets the attention and exercise they need, whether playing fetch, going for a walk, or enjoying cuddle time.

Dog Daycare

Our dog boarding service is perfect for dogs who thrive in a social environment. With supervised playtime, socialization opportunities, and plenty of love and attention, your Dog will enjoy a fun-filled day while you’re away.

Pricing Option For Our Services

Dog Walker Rates
In Silver Spring
  • 15 Min Walks: $16
  • 30 Min Walks: $22
  • 45 Min Walks: $28
  • 60 Min Walks: $34
  • Extra Dog Fee: $6 Per Dog
Pet Sitter Rates
In Silver Spring
  • Dog Visit: $16 per Visit
  • Overnight Dog Sitting: $45 per night
  • Cat 15-Minute Visit: $15
  • Cat 30-Minute Visit: $20
  • Extra Pet for Care: $6
Dog Boarding Rates
In Silver Spring
  • Dog Daycare: $70 per day
  • Additional Dog Cost: $30 per Dog

Why Choose Barking Trails?

Experienced and Reliable Staff

Our team of skilled and reliable pet care experts is something we take great pride in. They are trained to deliver exceptional care for your pets, ensuring your beloved companions are well cared for.

Personalized Care

We acknowledge that each pet is unique, so we customize our services to cater to every pet’s specific requirements, whether daily walks, play sessions, or overnight care.

Convenient and Flexible Services

With flexible scheduling options and a range of services to choose from, Barking Trails makes pet care easy and convenient, whether it’s dog care or Cat sitting.

Connect With Local Walkers and Sitters In Silver Spring Neighbourhood

We’re proud to introduce our experienced team of pet care professionals, who are dedicated to providing the best care for your furry friends in the Silver Spring area.

Experienced Dog Walker

Meet our skilled dog walkers who are passionate about providing engaging walks and exercise for your canine companions. With an understanding of dog behaviour and a love for animals, our dog walkers ensure that each walk is enjoyable and beneficial for your pet.

Trusted Pet Sitter

Our reliable pet sitters in Silver Spring offer personalized care and companionship for your pets while you’re away. From feeding and playtime to cuddles and attention, our pet sitters provide a safe and loving environment for your furry family.

Exceptional Dog Boarding Service

When you require overnight care for your Dog, rely on our top-notch dog boarding service in Silver Spring. Our caring dog boarders offer a cosy and loving atmosphere for your furry friend in their home.

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    Barking Trails in Silver Spring, MD


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    Famous Places for Dog Walkers
    in Silver Spring Area

    Sligo Creek Park
    Sligo Creek Park
    Wheaton Regional Park
    Rock Creek Park
    Rock Creek Park
    Northwest Branch Stream Valley Park
    Acorn Urban Park
    Indian Spring Terrace Local Park
    Indian Spring Terrace Local Park
    Meadowbrook Local Park

    Reviews By Pet Owners

    If you want a reliable, responsive, and high quality service for your dog, Barking Trails is it! Unlike many other dog walking services where there's a revolving door of strangers coming into the house, with Barking Trails, the dog gets assigned to the same walker in which I love! You get to know who the walker is and your dog gets to really bond with them. Adam is amazing! He's very professional and really loves and cares for all the dogs. I would recommend Barking Trails to everyone! The best dogwalking/petsitting service in the DMV!
    Thuy Thach
    I LOVE this company and my dog walker!! I am at work for several hours during the day and it is so convenient to have someone come walk my dog everyday for me when I’m away. Barking trails is extremely professional and the walkers are flexible and friendly. I met my walker ahead of time which I really liked so that I could get to know who would be with my dog on a regular basis. It’s great having a dog walking company I can rely on and I would highly recommend them to anyone.
    Catherine Leach
    "I LOVE Barking Trails! Tim does a great job with our dog, Willow, ,and sends videos of her, messages, and clearly takes good care of her! Tristan and Tim are very responsive when contacted. I would highly recommend the service and know your pet will be loved!"
    Kimberly Bosnic


    Barking Trails prides itself on offering top-quality dog walking services in the Silver Spring area. It provides engaging walks according to your pet’s needs.

    The costs of dog walker services in Silver Spring Area are as follows:

    • 15 Min Walks: $16
    • Extra Dog Fee: $6 Per Dog

    The costs of pet sitter services in Silver Spring Area are as follows:

    • Overnight Pet Sitting: $45 per night
    • Extra Pet for Care: $6 per additional pet

    Barking Trails offers exceptional cat sitting services in the Silver Spring area, providing personalized care and attention for your feline companions.

    Silver Spring boasts several dog-friendly parks, including Acorn Park, Jesup Blair Park, and Wheaton Regional Park, where you can enjoy leisurely walks with your furry friend.

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