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Are you looking for pet caregivers in the Washington DC Area? Look no further with the Barking Trails. Discover unparalleled pet care services in the vibrant city of Washington DC.

Our dedicated team of dog walkers and pet sitters in Washington DC is committed to providing top-quality care for your beloved pets, including dogs and cats. 

Whether you need professional Dog walking, attentive dog sitting, or comfortable dog boarding options, we have you covered. Our services extend to cat sitting and cat care, ensuring that all furry friends receive the attention and care they deserve. Trust Barking Trails to keep your pets happy, healthy, and well-cared for in the bustling capital of Washington DC.

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Explore premium services for dog walking, pet sitting, and in-home boarding
to ensure the happiness and well-being of your beloved pet.

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Delivering Exceptional Care and Service Tailored to Your Requirements

Dog Walks: Medication, Feeding, and Exercise

Our dog walking service in Washington DC ensures your furry friend gets the exercise and care they need. Our skilled dog walkers provide daily walks, administer medication, and feed your Dog according to your instructions, keeping them healthy and happy.

Best Care for Your Cat

Our cat sitting service in Washington DC offers the best care for your feline friends. Our dedicated cat sitters provide feeding, litter box cleaning, playtime, and companionship, ensuring your cat feels loved and well-cared for while you’re away.

Overnight Pet Sitting: Ensuring Safety and Expert Care

Our overnight pet sitting service in Washington DC guarantees that your pets receive expert care and attention around the clock. Our experienced pet sitters stay in your home, providing continuous care and ensuring your pets’ safety and comfort.

Option for Pet Sitting at Home With Daily Visits

Our daily Visit pet sitting service in Washington DC offers a perfect solution for those who prefer not to leave their pets alone. Our Dog and cat sitters regularly visit your home, providing meals, exercise, and affection for your pets.

Fun-Filled Session With Your Pet

Our dog walkers and sitters in Washington DC offer fun-filled sessions to keep your pet entertained and engaged. Whether it’s a lively game of fetch or a relaxing cuddle time, we ensure your pet enjoys every moment.

Boarding for Dog Care

Our dog boarding service in Washington DC provides a comfortable and loving environment for your Dog while you’re away. Our attentive dog boarders offer personalized care, ensuring your Dog feels at home and receives the best possible care.

Pricing Option For Our Services

Dog Walker Rates
In Washington DC
  • 15 Min Walks: $16
  • 30 Min Walks: $22
  • 45 Min Walks: $28
  • 60 Min Walks: $34
  • Extra Dog Fee: $6 Per Dog
Pet Sitter Rates
In Washington DC
  • Dog Visit: $16 per Visit
  • Overnight Dog Sitting: $45 per night
  • Cat 15-Minute Visit: $15
  • Cat 30-Minute Visit: $20
  • Extra Pet for Care: $6
Dog Boarding Rates
In Washington DC
  • Dog Daycare: $70 per day
  • Additional Dog Cost: $30 per Dog

Why Choose Dog Walker and Pet Sitter With Barking Trails?

Expert Caregivers

Our team comprises skilled and trustworthy pet care experts who deliver exceptional service. With years of experience and a passion for animals, they ensure your pets receive the best care possible.

Customized Attention for Every Pet

We understand that each pet is unique, so we tailor our services to meet their needs. Whether daily walks, play sessions, or overnight care, we provide personalized attention and care for every furry friend.

Seamless Pet Care Solutions

We offer flexible scheduling options and various services to accommodate your busy lifestyle. Whether you need dog care, a dog sitter, or cat sitting, we make pet care easy and convenient for you in Washington, D.C.

Meet Our Skilled Group of Dog Walkers, Pet Sitters, and Dog Boarders in Washington DC

We take pride in our exceptional team of pet care professionals, who are dedicated to providing the best care for your furry friends in Washington, D.C.

Our Skilled Dog Walkers

Meet our passionate dog walkers in Washington, DC. They are committed to providing engaging walks and exercise for your dogs. With a deep understanding of dog behaviour and a love for animals, our dog walkers ensure that each walk is enjoyable and beneficial for your pet.

Trusted and Reliable Pet Sitters

Our reliable pet sitters in Washington DC offer personalized care and companionship for your pets while you’re away. From feeding and playtime to cuddles and attention, our pet sitters provide a safe and loving environment for your furry family.

Outstanding Dog Boarding Service

Experience top-notch dog boarding service in Washington DC. Our caring dog boarders offer a cozy and loving atmosphere for your furry friend in their home, ensuring they feel comfortable and cared for while you’re away.

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    Barking Trails in Washington DC


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    Famous Places for Dog Walkers in the Washington DC Area

    Shaw Dog Park
    Shaw Dog Park
    Congressional Cemetery Dog Park
    Congressional Cemetery Dog Park
    Dupont Circle Dog Park
    Dupont Circle Dog Park
    Montrose Park
    Montrose Park
    Yards Park
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    Lincoln Park
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    S Street Dog Park
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    Reviews By Pet Owners

    Barking Trails is such a great, kind, and convenient company. Whenever we need someone to care for our pup, we rely on them. Tristan is as much a dog lover as you’ll find. HIGHLY recommend.
    Charlie Pollac
    Barking Trails are the only people I call! They are responsive and caring. I feel most comfortable leaving my dog in their hands.
    Claudia Lohn
    Top-notch service and the staff went above and beyond to ensure customer satisfaction. Highly recommended for anyone in search of a positive and enjoyable experience!"
    Toby W


    Dog walkers in Washington, D.C. offer a range of options to fit your needs, starting at $16 for a quick 15-minute walk and going up to $34 for a full hour of fun and exercise.

    Dog sitting services in D.C. are designed to provide peace of mind. You can expect to pay $16 per Visit or $45 for overnight care, ensuring your furry friend is well looked after while you’re away.

    Boarding your Dog in Washington, DC, offers a comfortable and loving environment. It costs $70 per day. Your pet will enjoy a day full of care and attention, making it a home away from home.

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